We have the capability and the capacity in our management structure, and the group management forum, to further leverage our skills, and the result is a platform onto which we can graft further growth, be it organic or by means of local partnerships and acquisitions. Our ongoing strategies continue to provide bedrock for our day to day activities. These are described more in the group profile page. Adding to our key strategies over the years are two new strategic initiatives: we have extended our involvement in publishing, electronic media, hospitality and tourism industries. The area of publishing and electronic media under the leadership of Uhuru Communications will become another cornerstone of our business growth going forward.

The broadcasting and television production industry has massive opportunities for our group. Our discussion with CMC Digital makes video production, digital media and communication and private television networks industry a very attractive option for our company.

Our operational strategy is predicted on our intention to add value to our client's position by extending the concept of hospitality and brand awareness through innovative channels. Our travel and hotels partnership with the Singer Group, which has resulted in the establishment of our travel division, Izani Travel and Hospitality will evolve over time as we interpret the needs and expectations of our travel customers. The Stern Stewart concept of Economic Value Added (EVA) keeps us focused on the key drivers of the business. For us, the power of EVA lies in the combination of the measure it provides for return on investment and the right cultural environment.

Our Media and Hotels division works closely with local tourism stakeholders and various hotels to promote the growth of local tourism in South Africa. With the use of our diverse media power, the group is able to leverage its media to promote local tourism, hospitality, hotel room occupancy and experience. Accordingly, we have established a trust that invests in the hotel industry, the Hospitality Investment Trust (HIT), which seeks to acquire struggling hotels and hospitality properties and turn them around into viable entities. Our stakeholder model supports a culture that encourages our people to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Passenger transportation has become another great opportunity for the Gem Group. Our investment in Pastranscor has become a natural fit into the group's integrated travel and hospitality plans. Pastranscor provides a full service passenger transportation solution for corporate, government and leisure, which spans from luxury vehicle, to yachts, air charters and luxury busses.

Technology revolution has also become a great opportunity for the group, and our partnership with Neotel to penetrate the majority of South Africans through its integrated telephone offering has opened up new doors in digital communications. We have invested many resources to the establishment of IzaniTel, our new Telecoms division which seeks to improve access to these integrated communication and technology solutions by the masses. InTouchNet is another great technology opportunity that the group has embarked on and is providing an unprecedented Wi-Fi experience in the hotel industry.

The Group is steadily increasing its interest in the property space and has partnered with Landmark Properties to provide corporate and government office space rental solutions. Our network of properties provides us a national footprint of available office space.

As we look ahead to sustaining our performance as an organization, we acknowledge that we face enormous challenges as a group of companies. Managing our partnerships, deriving value and managing resources requires much skill and planning. The world as we know it is changing. Globalisation and technological revolution are a reality and our clients have started adapting their spending habits. In a world in which there are no shared certainties, what is certain is that we will have to rise to the opportunities presented by change if we wish to continue to exceed our expectations as an organisation. What does this mean for our leadership, and can we provide the resources to rise to the above opportunities and challenges.

The Gem Group has spent much time examining this issue, the outcome of which is our vision, which will provide an evolving platform for our leadership right into new paths for the group.

A World Class Black-owned and Intergrated Media, Hospitality & Leisure Group.